Suggested courses


course code : 176-4-113


This class introduces the students to how to build a website using CMS system such as Wordpress.


course code : 176-4-105


This class teaches students to learn about Javascript for frontend. It completes the trilogy that started with HTML and followed by CSS.  

Introduction to Internet

course code : 176-4-109


This class answers the basic question of what is the internet? How does it work? How does it affect you? It introduces the students to the notions and logic and workings of the internet (theoretically.

Intro to Computer Sci

course code : 176-4-107


This class introduces the student to the basic theories of computer science and how the whole theories came about to give us what we now do in various fields. It also touches historical angles to the development of he field.


course code : 176-4-112


HTML introduces the students to first building of web development and also to the concept of hyper text markup.


course code : 176-4-103


This class teaches the student about the styling using CSS. which is the second in the web development trilogy.


course code : 176-4-102


This class introduces the students to the very first level of web development using CMS with Wordpress being the case study.


course code : 176-4-104


Bootstrap will teach the student how to work with Bootstrap. It introduces the student to frameworks and libraries.